What Does Your Liver Do For You?

Your liver works hard for you your whole life, but what have you done for your liver?

An oft-overlooked organ, The Centre for Disease Control recently named your liver “one of the largest and most important organs…”

This makes sense…considering it does a multitude of essential tasks that keep your body running smoothly:

• Regulates hormone levels
• Helps rid the body of waste or “toxins”
• Builds proteins and makes bile, which helps you absorb fats
• Adjusts cholesterol levels
• Stores sugar for when you really need it
• Filters and removes bacteria from your blood…

So, the liver is constantly working hard for your body with all these important jobs, while we often take it for granted, that it will just keep on keeping on, while we continue living in toxic environments.

Now, a lot of these harmful toxins are unavoidable, such as pollution in the air we breathe as soon as we step out our front doors, not to mention the chemically laden food we buy at the convenience of big Supermarkets. It is impossible to be completely toxin-free, but it’s not impossible to give your liver a break from processing all these nasty chemicals, and the chance to heal.

By doing a liver detox, you can literally reverse, and even cure the damage (if it’s not already too far gone) and have it working optimally for you.

‘Fatty Liver,’ is like the silent pandemic that is not being talked about nearly enough, yet so many of us across the globe, are suffering from this disease. And many don’t even know that they have it, as some people don’t have any symptoms. At least not in the early stages anyway.

Did you know that approximately 25% of the population worldwide is living with NAFLD? (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) This includes people of all ages, ethnicity, and even children.


This is a very scary thought, especially when symptoms can be silent for years, or mistaken for other things such as IBS for example.

High-risk factors for this condition are more common in people with type 2 diabetes, who are overweight, and/or obese.

Some other factors that have been related to the disease that should be taken into consideration are diet and lifestyle. A diet high in sugar and processed fatty foods have been known to contribute to fatty liver. Certain medications such as corticosteroids, anti-psychotics, certain antidepressants, certain antibiotics, and even some cancer and HIV medications have been related to NAFLD.

And of course, the high exposure to toxins. Research has also shown that there is a significant difference in the bacteria of a healthy person’s microbiome, and that of someone with fatty liver. More study is yet to be done, but just to hear that should be enough to make anyone want to do a liver and/or gut cleanse because what we do know, is that our microbiome is hugely affected by the toxic environment in which we live.

Foods to avoid or limit your intake if you have fatty liver are:
• Alcohol
• Sugary foods
• Foods with a high GI, such as white bread, pasta, white rice, and potatoes
• Foods high in saturated and trans fats such as processed cakes, pastries, and biscuits
• Drinks containing simple sugars such as sugary soft drinks, sports, and juice, (except fresh homemade juice)

Foods to add to your diet to help reverse fatty liver are: • Wholefoods like most fresh fruit and vegetables, foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, such as Chia seed, Hemp seed, Avocado, fresh Wild Caught Salmon
• Warm lemon and ginger water, first thing in the morning
• Turmeric (anti-inflammatory)
• Herbal teas, especially Dandelion Root
• Fresh homemade fruit and vegetable juices

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