Lymphatic Therapies


The lymphatic system, a crucial network of nodes, vessels, and immune cells, plays a vital role in cleansing the body by distributing and draining lymph fluid. This system supports immunity and is responsible for removing waste from cellular metabolism and toxins. When overworked and congested, the lymphatic system may accumulate toxins, risking inflammation and compromising immune function. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system lacks a pump and relies on muscle action for movement, making exercise essential. Our Lymphatic Massage treatments enhance lymphatic flow, addressing fluid retention, immune and skin health, cellulite, muscle and joint discomfort, among other benefits. Elevate your well-being with our holistic approach for optimal health.

The lymphatic system also works with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones from the blood to the cells that make up the tissues of the body. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump. It requires the action of surrounding skeletal muscle to keep things moving. In other words, exercise is vital for healthy lymph, Immune system function, and skin health.
Our Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatments aid in improving lymphatic flow fluid retention, immune and skin health, cellulite, achy muscles, and joints, plus many other benefits, providing you with optimal health.


  • Muscle Aches & Pains
  • Sore throats
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Weight Gain
  • Being sick often
  • Diseases
  • Stress
  • Rashes
  • Joint Pain
  • Hand & Feet Pain
  • Itchiness
  • Breast Swelling
  • Cellulite
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Swelling of lymph nodes


Want to speed up the healing process after injury or exercise? Improve your circulation and promote the removal of acids? Want to change the structure of your skin and generally improve your overall well-being?

 At Your Body Revolution, we provide a special lymphatic massage technique using a unique combination of dual-action gloves, hands-on assessment, and massage. This helps to unblock areas of congestion with a naturopathic formulated LymFATic cream, and the dual glove, “which are truly a match made in heaven”! The gloves stimulate and move lymph from the outside. The cream works on the inside. This powerful combination of healing herbs and essential oils will help strengthen and drain your lymphatic system and enhance vein and capillary function. It provides nutrition to your cells and facilitates the removal of stuck, toxic fluid and fat from your body. You will see changes in the shape of your body. Enjoy improved digestive health, mental clarity, and even put a bounce back in your step.

 We stock the CJ LymFATics Kits with dual glove and cream. This enhances weight loss, detoxification, exfoliates (skin brush), relieves pain, supports immunity, and nurtures your body back to beautiful health. When you purchase one of our kits, it will give you access to the specially formulated sequence. You can keep your lymph flowing between treatments for as little as 2 minutes a day.

You must stimulate to rejuvenate! Perfect in conjunction with all of our CryoSkin services


Let’s not forget that stimulation of the lymphatic system for our face has many health benefits such as detoxifying and reducing congestion and helping the lymph pump through all of our facial structures removing waste promoting anti-aging and stimulating of collagen production.

Indulge in our rejuvenating Glymphatic Massage, a cutting-edge treatment designed for healthy aging and potential neurodegenerative prevention. Uncover the benefits of this innovative approach, discovered in 2012, which offers more than just skincare. The Glymphatic system is a revolutionary find, promoting healthy aging and possibly preventing neurodegenerative processes. It’s a proactive lifestyle intervention for both healthy aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

Our Glymphatic Massage is tailored to activate this system, enhancing the natural detoxification process. As sleep is key to its effectiveness—given the system is disengaged during wakefulness—this treatment provides a holistic approach to well-being. Revel in a luxurious session that includes a light, dry skin brushing of the neck and face to wake up the glymphatic system. This is followed by the Glymphatic Massage in conjunction with a detoxifying and anti-aging cream. Infused with Aquaxyl-boosted Hyaluronic acid, this powerhouse product ensures scientifically proven 24-hour hydration. Enriched with pre & probiotic technology, it aids in restoring stressed skin and fortifying the skin barrier function. Packed with potent collagen-building phytonutrients and vitamins, our Glymphatic Massage offers a transformative experience, potentially aiding in lymphatic detoxification and drainage. Elevate your skincare routine with this comprehensive and luxurious facial treatment.

Experience the transformative effects of this forward-thinking facial, promoting not just radiant skin but overall health and longevity. Believe me – It’s all your face needs!



Normatec compression Therapy was designed and developed to aid in recovery after intense workouts for elite athletes. They do so much more than this,  with amazing health benefits including promoting healthy blood and lymphatic flow and easing muscle fatigue and soreness from everyday activities.

Specific compression can increase circulation at all levels of the venous system, including deep veins, saphenous veins, superficial veins, and perforator veins, effectively removing metabolic waste faster than any traditional method of recovery or rest alone.

Let’s also not forget the mental health benefits of compression therapy. We will tuck you into your boots and cover your eyes with an eye pillow soaked in essential oils. As the session starts it will not take long for your body to shift into the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).

The compression begins at your feet with the compression pulses moving up and down your legs, promoting intense relaxation, increasing venous return, and rapidly accelerating the body’s re-absorption of the elements that cause soreness and fatigue in the muscles while effectively removing metabolic waste. This treatment has benefits for everyone.

Normatec Compression Therapy works perfectly in conjunction with our other services, Lymphatic Massage and CryoSkin Treatments. Check out our packages and membership to use the treatment as often as you like. One thing is for sure, you will become addicted.

Frequently Asked Lymphatic Treatment Questions

We recommend drinking adequate amounts of water before and after treatment to assist in detoxification. (6-8 glasses)

This is a non-invasive body therapy where our therapists manually apply pressure to major parts of the body containing lymph nodes and may include work on the face, arms, chest/breasts, abdomen, and legs. Clients will be required to lie on a massage table with most clothes removed. (Don’t worry, we will always make sure you are appropriately draped throughout your session) Lights are dimmed, with relaxation music playing and essential oil diffusers, for a relaxing experience, you may even fall asleep.

Depending on individual assessment, treatment required, and areas of concern, a session is approximately 60-80 when having compression therapy as well, in a combo. Lymphatic drainage massage alone can be 30-60 mins, again, depending on chosen treatment and individual areas of concern.

We recommend a session per week over a 5–6-week period for best results, with maintenance sessions thereafter for optimal health. Individual treatment plans can be tailored to suit your specific health goals and concerns, as your lymphatic system is as unique as you are. (Compression therapy can be used as often as you like.)

Most clients find our sessions to be very relaxing. However, everyone is unique, and responses may differ. Post-treatment, some clients- feel energized while some may need to rest. You may experience an increase in bladder and bowel movement or even a mild detox reaction as toxins are released through natural pathways, but this is temporary and will subside. We will always start off slowly in the beginning, to assess each individual response to detoxification, and adjust treatment as necessary.

This is dependent on a few factors, such as: how toxic your body is, your overall health and diet. It is a temporary effect with wellness to look forward to. Upping your water intake will help to flush toxic and metabolic waste a lot quicker.

Weight loss and appearance to the skin can most definitely happen with treatment and consistent use of the glove and incorporating the sequence into your daily lifestyle. However, this is also dependent on your lifestyle, diet, and if you have a compromised lymphatic system. Consistency is key to the results you will see. If you are struggling, our Lymphatic Reboot Program is an excellent option, where you will be assisted with nutritional guidance and consultations all the way through to assess and help you set and achieve your weight loss and health goals, all while being fully supported.

Compression therapy is safe to use for most people. Please consult your doctor before using if you suspect you may have - deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, (blood clot) edema, thrombophlebitis, inflammation of the skin, (cellulitis, erysipelas), ischemic vascular disease, severe peripheral neuropathy, or any other related issues.

Compression therapy is ideal for enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic flow, removing lactic acid, reducing swelling and inflammation, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, varicose veins, diabetes, surgery, injury, and prophylaxis. It is ideal for post-workout recovery.

It can be used several times a day. It is ideal to use after working out, after a long day of standing, or whenever your legs are tired and sore, or you just want to relax for half an hour on your lunch break.

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