Cryo Treatments

Cyro Slimming

Our highly trained technicians use a wand-like hand-piece, to deliver precise and controlled temperature to the area. This makes the procedure safe and more effective compared to other machines on the market, that use suction cups, which have been known to burn skin and leave uneven, lumpy fat pockets.

The freezing temperature destroys the fat cells that are then eliminated, via your body’s lymphatic system.

If you are looking to reduce fat with fast and noticeable results, without the need for anaesthetic or surgery, then CryoSlimming is the way to go.

Areas that can be addressed are the stomach, back, inner and outer thighs, arms, double chin, bum knees, and ankles. A regular treatment covers an area approximately the size of 1 x A5 page. Larger area sessions are also available. 

Cyro Toning

Cryotoning uses only cool temperatures, for the purpose of reducing cellulite, tightening, and lifting sagging skin. Our technicians use a special toning technique that wakes up your lymphatic system, aiming to reduce cellulite, while helping to improve collagen and elastin production. The results are smoother, tighter skin.

This treatment is great for people wanting to shape, sculpt, firm the body, and reduce cellulite. It can also be used in combination with Cryoslimming, to reduce fat and tone specific areas. Also great for a butt lift. See our combo packages for more details.

Areas that can be addressed are the stomach, back arms, legs, neck, and decolletage. Cryotoning can be done weekly, as this is for tightening skin with subzero temperatures, not quite as cold as the slimming. So there are no dead fat cells to be eliminated, meaning your Lymphatic system does not have to work as hard.

It is still advised not to exercise or consume sugar or carbs before treatment, as we still need to cool your body down as quickly as possible. Plus, we want you to get the most out of your treatments by encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle



Indulge in the transformative benefits of our CryoFacial at our premier location on the Sunshine Coast. This non-invasive, non-surgical facelift harnesses the power of cryotherapy, employing cold temperatures as low as 4 degrees to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. Our expertly crafted treatment goes beyond, tightening skin and promoting natural collagen and elastin production.


Elevate your experience with our Deluxe CryoFacial, a luxurious skincare renewal featuring a double cleanse, exfoliation, CryoFacial, and a rejuvenating scalp massage. Complete your session with a refreshing tone and moisturize. Clients often find the experience so relaxing that they drift into peaceful slumber. Perfect for self-care or as a thoughtful gift, our CryoFacial services offer a blend of indulgence and rejuvenation.


Experience the synergy of multiple benefits while saving money with our tailored combination treatments.


Unlock cost-effective beauty solutions with our combination treatments, designed to enhance your natural radiance. Opt for the perfect pairing that not only provides a facelift and double chin slimming but also tones the delicate decolletage and neck areas. This comprehensive approach delivers a youthful, fresher appearance in one streamlined experience.. Your path to enhanced beauty begins here.


Achieve the Brazilian Butt Lift of your dreams without the need for surgery. Our comprehensive treatment addresses slimming under the bum (banana roll) and incorporates toning of the glutes, resulting in a firm and lifted appearance for a more defined and elevated bum. This 80-minute session is designed to bring you closer to your desired look, providing a non-invasive alternative with stunning results. Experience the transformation you’ve been envisioning with our Brazilian Butt Lift treatment.

Frequently Asked Cryo Treatment Questions

Cryoskin is a medical-grade device registered on the ARTG and used for Cryolipolisis. The TGA is part of the Australian Government Department of Health and is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods including medical devices. It is continually tested and regulated through post-market monitoring standards enforcement.

We can offer all of our services to anyone who has a self-managed NDIS plan.

As long as you maintain a healthy diet, lifestyle, and exercise, the results should remain stable.

Unlike other Cryolipolisis treatments, Cryoskin treatments are not painful. There are no suction cups and Cryoskin will not damage tissue or nerves. It will feel cold – like rubbing an ice pack in the area - but bearable. Most clients find it relaxing. The chin can be the most ensitive area.

Anyone with the below conditions:

  • Severe allergy to cold

  • Progressive diseases (MS, ALS, Parkinsons, Neuropathy

  • Active cancer

  • Lymphatic disorders

  • Uncontrolled diabetes

  • Severe liver or kidney disease

  • Pregnant/breastfeeding

  • Bacterial and/or viral infections of the skin

  • Wound healing disorders

  • Circulatory disorders

  • Surgery in the last 6 months

  • Pacemaker or metal implants in the area being treated

  • Active, severe rashes eczema, dermatitis, or skin rashes

  • Silicone or implants in the area to be treated

  • Mesh inserts in the desired area to be treated

  • Irremovable piercings in the desired area to be treated

  • Severe allergy to cold

  • Progressive diseases, (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy)

  • Fillers in the last 90 days

  • Botox in the last 30 days

  • Bacterial and viral infections of the skins

  • Circulatory disorders

  • Wound healing disorders

  • Surgery in the last 6 months

  • Metal implants

  • Active severe eczema, dermatitis, or skin rashes

  • Irremovable piercings in the desired area to be treated

CryoSlimming can be done every 14 days. It takes that long for the body to completely remove the dead fat cells, making fortnightly treatment most effective. CryoToning and CryoFacial can be done every 3-7 days.

  1. It is recommended that you don’t consume carbs for 2 hours on either side of your treatment. Exercise before treatment is not recommended as we need to get the area of your body temperature really cold, really fast. Exercise is encouraged and can be done straight after treatment.

    Having a Lymphatics Drainage Massage is a perfect add-on to Cryoslimming treatments, as it will accelerate the elimination process of the destroyed fat cells, by unblocking any congested lymph, allowing free-flowing lymphatic fluid. This will also boost your immune system and help to improve

skin health. It’s a win-win! (Check out our Slim & Drain package which includes sessions each of CryoSlimming and Lymphatic Massage & Compression Therapy Combos)

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