Kate Anderson

Founder Of Your Body Revolution

Hello there, I’m Kate Anderson, founder of Your Body Revolution. I have been adjusting and realigning people all over the Sunshine Coast in my busy Bowen Therapy clinic for over ten years.

Picture this: my journey to the world of holistic health began after an injury and watching my dear ones wrestle with health woes. The moment I stumbled upon the wonders of Bowen Therapy, it was like finding the golden ticket to healing paradise. I mean, who knew that Bowen Therapy could be the magic potion to unlock the body’s secrets and mend it in ways traditional treatments couldn’t?

Under the old banner of ‘Cryobody Revolution,’ we’ve been freezing fat and melting hearts with our non-invasive tech, helping clients conquer their body image battles one chilly session at a time. In this era of Instagram perfection, where filters reign supreme, I felt a calling to offer a safe haven where folks can feel like rockstars without risking it all on the surgical table. And voila, Cryobody Revolution was reborn as Your Body Revolution, our sanctuary of self-love and transformation.

As a firm believer in the power of holistic wellness, I’d been pondering over innovative ways to help boost immune health, and educate my clients and my community on the importance of the lymphatic and glymphatic systems, unleashing a tsunami of health benefits for our wonderful clients. With our dream team of CryoSkin maestros, lymphatic wizards, reflexology gurus, and a nutrition whiz, we’ve been growing and glowing, adding more goodies to our treasure trove of wellness wonders.

Drumroll, please! I’m beyond thrilled to unveil our latest service – the ‘Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge’. If you haven’t tried this yet, what are you waiting for? Our clients describe their sessions as ‘Blown Away’, with stress and anxiety reduced, improved sleep, and even relief of chronic pain. Check it out for yourself and see why we and our clients love this so much.

What’s the secret sauce to my boundless enthusiasm, you ask? Well, it’s the fact that we’re a bunch of wellness warriors, all united in our quest for natural health. We might be a family-run clinic, but hey, we’re all on our own health journeys, each with our unique expertise to give you the ultimate wellness experience.

My goal? Oh, just to be a forever student, constantly soaking up knowledge like a sponge so I can sprinkle healing magic wherever I go.

Catch you on the wellness wave,

Kate Anderson

  • Founder, Your Body Revolution 🌟
  • Diploma in Specialized Bowen Therapy 🎓
  • Certified Bowen Therapy Educator 🧑‍🏫
  • Cryoskin Connoisseur (Ice, Ice, Baby!) ❄️
  • Lymphatic Whisperer (Shhh, your lymphatics are listening!) 💆‍♀️
  • Specializing in skeletal alignment for kicking anxiety and depression to the curb 🦸‍♀️
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