Castor Oil Wrap Pack


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Features: 1 x .100% Organic cotton Waist And Neck Set, plus a 100ml certified organic Castor Oil.

(wrap packs without oil are also available)

Some of the many benefits of the Castor Oil pack are:

  1. Multiple Effects: This can enhance the body's natural colon cleansing function, effectively improving insomnia, digestion and absorption, and other physical problems. It is effective for constipation, liver detoxification, muscle, and joint pain + much more.
  2. No Leakage: Castor oil pack wrap has a double-layer design. The inner layer is made of soft flannel cotton, which can better absorb castor oil. The exterior is water and oil-resistant to avoid leaks and keep your oil-free. Mess-free, machine washable, and reusable.
  3. Storage Bag Design: They are designed with a zipper pocket, for placing heat/cold packs. Heat will accelerate castor oil absorption, or cool down as needed, for a better wearing experience.
  4. Adjustable Design: The elastic shoulder straps are designed so the length can be adjusted freely according to your waistline, are easy to operate, and are especially friendly to customers with hand inflammation, making them safe and easy to wear.
  5. Multi-functional: You can wear the waist and neck wraps both at the same time.
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