Qenda Ultimate Fibre


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A food containing a powerful combination of premium herbs rich in fibre.

Excellent Organic Source of Dietary Fibre

Dietary Fibre Assists Regular Bowel Movements*

One Serve Provides 49% of the Recommended Daily Intake For Dietary Fibre

100% Certified Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients

Contains premium adaptogenic herbs

NON-GMO Ingredients


Gluten Free

​Ultimate Fibre is good source of iron. One Serve Exceeds 50% of the Recommended Daily Intake For Dietary Iron. Iron is:

Necessary for normal immune system function*

Necessary for normal cell division*

Necessary for normal blood formation*

Necessary for normal energy production*

Contributes to normal cognitive function*

Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue*

Necessary for normal oxygen transport*

*When made up as directed