Fulvic Acid 50ml


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The most concentrated Fulvic Acid on the Australian market. Full spectrum and includes ionic trace minerals.

This product is unlike other Fulvic Acid products on the market which are chemically extracted and contain little to no fulvic or humic acid. Nothing but high quality plant based humic shale and distilled water is used in the extraction process of Fulvic Ionic Mineral Concentrate.

Fulvic acid, humic acid, trace minerals and essential amino acids are required for a myriad of metabolic functions, yet cannot be produced by the body.

Fulvic Ionic Mineral Concentrate contains bio-available organically complexed Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, electrolytes, every essential amino acid, and over 77 macro and micro (trace) minerals in their ionic (aka nano or angstrom) form, all working in natural harmony towards keeping you healthy.


Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, over 77 trace minerals, essential amino acids, and Aquifier Purified water. 


Adults: Dilute 1 drop and gradually build up to 8 drops in